The Books in Order – a reading list of Eva Roberts and Dan Bradley novels

Solomon Carter's Roberts and Bradley Reading list
Solomon Carter’s Roberts and Bradley Reading list

Hello there. Now and then I receive enquiries about the reading order, of the series. I also know plenty of people have been running online searches trying to work out which book to read next. The truth is that most of the books written after ‘Crossing the Line’ LTD 5, can be enjoyed as standalone novels, but I know there is always an extra pleasure in following a full series in order.

Readers running typical searches for this information often use terms like ‘Solomon Carter books in order’ or ‘Eva and Dan Books’ and ‘Bradley and Roberts books in reading order.’  Until now the search results for those terms will have been pretty fruitless, but I recently received a few requests at the facebook page to provide an up-to-date reading list of the Eva and Dan novels in reading order, and decided the time was right to put this together. But tell me, can you spot the ‘deliberate mistake’? Yes. That’s it. The first lines should read from ‘Out With A Bang’ to ‘Lucky For Some.’

The list shown is current at the end of 2017.

Eva and Dan will be back in 2018.

All of these books are available for Kindle at Amazon. Enjoy 🙂