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“I loved it – could easily see Windswept as a movie!”
“I totally enjoyed the whole concept!”
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Lisa Thorn moved three hundred miles away from trouble to start a new life in beautiful North Cornwall. But trouble doesn’t stay away for long. Local man Lenny Jessop is found dead at the foot of Rove Point and a handsome stranger appears with plenty of questions. Lisa is attracted and intrigued. But she soon has questions of her own. Who is the man stalking her in the shadows? What is the device attached to her cottage? And can she trust newcomer Damien – or is he a part of the nightmare?
Murder mystery, deadly danger, crime and conspiracy meet the heat of desire in this fast paced romantic thriller.
Windswept is a heady cocktail of thrills, romance and adrenaline set in the dramatic landscape of Cornwall… and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

It’s a fast paced thriller with a hint of hot romance and it’s the first collaboration between me, Solomon, and new writer Lena Conlon.  We hope you enjoy it!

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