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Never Back Down

Watch out for more Thrills, Spills and Zing in Never Back Down...
Watch out for more Thrills, Spills and Zing in Never Back Down…

So we are bang in the middle of the series launch.  Out With a Bang exploded. In spite of initial editing troubles, I still receive regular emails and feedback telling me what a great read it is.  One Mile Deep took the action to a new crescendo, and with Long Time Dying, LTD 3, we entered the start of a dark twisting story which leads to a heart pounding climax.  In this series, the deeper you go, the worse it gets for Eva, Dan and now Jess.

The next thrilling instalment in the series is due out this week.

Batten down the hatches and get ready for some thrills and spills from the heart of this deep and dark tale.

And more is on the way… I am currently working on Long Time Dying 6.  I’d love you to join me there.


10,000 Can’t be wrong… One Mile Deep up next!

Meet the mysterious Zdenka Kruz in  One Mile Deep
Meet the mysterious Zdenka Kruz in One Mile Deep

Introducing old flames, spicy moments, and girls who want too much…

Out With a Bang was released on September 5th 2014 with a phenomenal uptake of 10,000 downloads up the new thriller series, Long Time Dying book 1. In spite of a editing glitch discovered in the first several hundred copies, the series took off like a rocket.

Next up Long Time Dying 2, ONE MILE DEEP is released at Amazon tomorrow. The new adventure sees temptation played out again, though this time the tables are turned as Eva meets an old flame. The enemies are even more deadly and there is an explosive climax to look forward to. Dan and Eva’s relationship looks ever more fraught as they take on foes known and unknown as they try to help the Brat from Bratislava, Zdenka Kruz.

Get your copy of One Mile Deep, Long Time Dying 2 in its special introductory discount price – tomorrow.

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The Big Bang for Eva and Dan

On rare quiet moments between stressful cases and bottles of Pinot Grigio, Eva runs the seafront for sanity and health
On rare  moments between tracking scumbags, escaping and downing glasses of cold Pinot Grigio, PI Eva Roberts takes early runs along the  seafront for sanity and health


I’ve been busy lately working an several angles with my good friends Dan Bradley and Eva Roberts, intrepid private detectives working hard-to-handle cases across Essex and London.

Fight Club Mystery

First off we began to investigate a fight club with some rather dodgy shennanigans centring around a club owner and a missing model. The case continues, but suddenly other matters became far more pressing.

The Bratislava Brat – a danger seeking missile?

A job to protect a girl from Bratislava who’d been trafficked into a sorry business up in Preston, but ran away from the perps and North West police, only to fall straight into Eva Roverts’ lap. As if Eva needed any more trouble. But maybe this girl is just too hot a potato for the Roberts Bradley agency to deal with. The case continues.

Sex, Lies and Sequins…  with a Razor’s Edge

Finally, I’ve been looking at the exploits of Dan and Eva back in 2011. A whole lot of people were lying to them back then, especially when it came to the case of runaway family man Charlie. When they tracked him down to South London, they uncovered something so risque and dangerous it could have destroyed their agency, their relationship-  even their entire lives. The ripples of what happened stretched far indeed. And when they untangled the web of sleaze and depravity, it almost sucked Dan Bradley straight into the pit and took Eva for a joyride she’d never want to have take in her whole life.

Stay tuned.  Sex and Lies  in the form of the next Roberts Bradley release “Out With A Bang” is coming at you very soon. You’ll turn the pages so fast, your fingers will be smokin!