It’s Bang Time, People

It's time to pull the pin in Out With A Bang - released 28th August 2014
It’s time to pull the pin on the Long Time Dying Series – Book 1 – Out With A Bang -is released 28th August 2014

There is a very big bang on the horizon…

In less than two weeks we launch the sizzling hot  private detective adventure Out With A Bang -Long Time Dying 1, kick starting the epic tale of Eva Roberts and Dan Bradley’s fiery romance against a backdrop of heart-pumping adventure and relentless villainy in the thrilling Long Time Dying series.

Out With A Bang is available at Amazon Kindle Store and all good ebook retailers from August 28th and  it’s 100% free for a limited time.

After you’ve read Out With A Bang, you’ll be glad there’s a full series of page turning adventures to work through. Here they are – in reading order:

The Long Time Dying series
1. Out With A Bang – out very soon
2. One Mile Deep – released soon
3. Long Time Dying – released September 12th
4. Never Back Down
5. Crossing The Line

Out With A Bang
Long Time Dying 1

Eva Roberts and Dan Bradley, troubled lovers, business partners and private detectives are on the hunt for a runaway husband.
Why has he run away? Why are so many people lying? And is the dangerous game being played by the South London set about much more sinister than just easy sex?

A simple case becomes anything but as Eva Roberts and Dan Bradley are embroiled in a fiendish sex plot ready to destroy the lives of all those it touches – including the private detectives themselves.

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